Students Support

1. After-school Chinese Tutorial

We offer a tailor-made after-school tutorial class for NCS students, which focuses on their diverse needs in learning Chinese. Our school hires professional teachers and tutors who are bilingual and passionate about teaching NCS students.


2. Career Planning

We strongly believe that students should plan their career and prospective future in advance; therefore, regular cell groups are organized by Career Guidance Committee to help students make an informed decision regarding their DSE course selection and future career choice.


3. Chinese History and Culture Studies (CCS)

The curriculum of Chinese History and Culture Studies is designed to cater for the needs of NCS students.


(1) Learn Chinese history and culture.

(2) Learn and experience Hong Kong culture through different activities and outings.


4. IPad

Under the Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy, our school provides iPads for each NCS student in class. To further facilitate off-campus learning, NCS students can also borrow iPads from school to cope with their learning difficulties, especially under COVID-19.


5. International Culture Appreciation Club (ICAC)  

Consist of local students and NCS students, the ICAC organizes a wide range of cultural activities for all students. 


(1) Students learn about different cultures and experience something new.

(2) Students from different backgrounds share their cultural characteristics with others.

(3) Students build a greater appreciation for different cultures while expanding their linguistic and cultural horizons.


6. Translation Agency  

The Translation Agency is a student service team which aims to provide translation service to NCS students and parents in school assembly, workshops and Parents’ Talk.