Aims & Objectives:

IT / ICT subject aims at teaching students to solve problems using a systematic approach. Students will be able to solve problems in an effective way. They will be able to use computer and software to process information into meaningful knowledge.


Junior Forms:

S1: Basic Computer Hardware, Word processing, Spreadsheet, Google Slides, Programming in Micro:bit and Scratch
S2: Image editing, Audio editing, Video editing, Animation, HTML,CSS and JavaScript, Advanced programming in Micro:bit, Python programming
S3: Database SQL, Advanced spreadsheet formula, Networking & Security, Advanced Python programming, Flowchart

Senior Forms:

F4 - F6: DSE ICT
Compulsory Parts:
A. Information Processing
B. Computer System Fundamentals
C. Internet and its Applications
D. Computational Thinking and Programming
E. Social Implications

Elective :

A. Databases

B. Web application development

Teaching staff:

Mr YIP Chun Wa (YCW)
Mr LAM Ming Sum (LSU)

Information and Communication Technology