Potential Development Committee (PDC) provides extra-curricular activities to reinforce classroom learning and allow students to put their knowledge and skills into practice. Students will be able to develop their potential and promote personal development by broadening their interests. With a platform to learn about long term commitments, students are provided with the opportunities for character cultivation and leadership training when they are involved in extra-curricular activities. Through various activities, students’ school life will be more challenging and interesting.

Aims & Objectives:

  1. To strengthen the development of the Students’ Union and Four Houses and enhance their linkage and communication.
  2. To further develop the extra-curricular activities and help students to make a contribution in it.
  3. To develop students with international perspective through organizing overseas study tour.
  4. To enhance communication between students and school.

Useful Links:

康樂及文化事務處 Hong Kong Leisure and Cultural Services Department  

香港特別行政區教育局 Hong Kong Education Bureau


Teaching staff:

Mr CHAN Wai Kin (CWK), Head of Committee
Mr CHAN Kin Ho (CKI)
Mr FONG Chun Wing (FCW)
Mr TAM Ho Chi (THC)
Mr LEUNG Chun Fung (LCH)
Ms MA Ming Wai (MMW)
Ms MOK Wai Yi (MWY)
Mr TZE Chun Kin (TCK)