Student Committee

Christian Ministry team is a group of committed Christians who are willing to serve in the campus with God’s love. Their missions are to get students into a personal relationship with Jesus, to gather together and help them grow in their faith, to go and serve others and to glorify God with their lives.

1Lv1陳靖允Chan Ching One
1Lv4鄭嘉倩Cheng Ka Sinl
1Lv6蔡志權Choi Chi Kuen
1Lv19吳穎茵Ng Wing Yan
1Lv23曾慶銓Tsang Hing Chuen
2Lv3陳凱晴Chan Hoi Ching
2Lv11周哿伃Chow Ho Yu Coey 
2Hp2陳悅謙Chan Yuet Him 
2Hp16梁愷瑤Lee Yan Hei 
3Lv2區永達Au Wing Tat Adam
3Lv12黎璟欣Lai King Yan
3Lv17文映晴Man Ying Ching
3Hp22文琦昕Winnington-Ingram Kia
3Hn9朱曉祈Chu Hiu Ki
3Hn24司徒安珽Szeto On Ting
3Hn30楊凱宇Yeung Hoi Yu
3Hn31葉梓澄Yip Tsz Ching
4Lv6馮安霖Fung Moses On Lam
4Lv14呂栢浩Lui Pak Ho Royson
4Hp20梁曉悠Leung Hiu Yau
4Ft6陳溢希Chan Yat Hei
4Ft40姚子樑Yiu Tsz Leung
4Ft41余嘉倩Yu Ka Sin
4Hn4鄭祉彥Cheng Tsz Yin
4Hn9符愛莉Foo Oi Lee
5Hp5周巧意Chow Hau Yi
5Hp10羅啟安Law Kai On