Aims & Objectives:

A. Knowledge and understanding Students should be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding in relation to
1. some phenomena, facts and concepts in science
2. some scientific vocabulary and terminology
3. some applications of science in society and students’ everyday life

B. Scientific method and problem solving skills Students should be able to
1. ask relevant questions, suggest ideas and make predictions
2. select and apply facts and concepts learnt to solve problems
3. propose hypotheses and devise methods for testing them
4. analyse data, draw conclusions and make further predictions

C. Laboratory techniques Students should be able to
1. handle apparatus and chemicals safely and properly
2. carry out instructions for experiments
3. observe and describe objects and experimental results accurately
4. select appropriate apparatus and suggest experimental procedures

D. Communication skills Students should be able to
1. extract relevant information from a variety of sources
2. manipulate simple numerical and other data
3. interpret scientific information from data presented in diagrammatic, numerical, tabular and graphical forms
4. organise and present information in a clear and orderly manner
5. argue for or against the use of science in technological situations based on scientific, ethical, economic, political and social considerations
6. communicate scientific ideas and values with one another


Integrated Science
A. Introducing Science
B. Looking at Living Things
C. Cells and Human Reproduction
D. Energy
E. The Wonderful Solvent – Water
F. Matter as Particles
G. Living Things and Air
H. Making Use of Electricity
I. Space Travel
J. Common Acids and Alkalis
K. Sensing the Environment
L. A Healthy Body
M. Metals
N. Materials of the Modern World
O. Light, Colours and Beyond

Teaching staff:

Ms. LUI Wing Shuen (LWS)

Mr. CHAN Ho Man (CHM)

Mr. FONG Chun Wing (FCW)

Ms. LEE Hoi Ling (LHO)

Mr. WONG Tsun Lok (WTL)