Student Committee

Career Prefects

Career Prefect Team is a group of senior form students who are willing to serve the school in order to help schoolmates to make their life planning. Prefects have different kinds of training and workshops for the self understanding and career explorations. There are lots of opportunities such as Career Days and School assembly for our prefects to be a servant leader in organizing life planning activities in school.

 ClassNo.姓名Name Post
1 5Ft 1 陳洛婷Chan Lok Ting Head
2 4Hn 31 杜焯嵐To Cheuk Nam Vice-head
3 5Hn 8何卓霖Ho Cheuk Lam Vice-head
4 5Hn 12 賴柏雯Lai Pak Man Vice-head
5 5Hn 11 賴可欣 Lai Ho Yan Member
6 5Hp 2 張樂晴 Cheung Lok ChingMember
7 5Ft 24 曾千芸 Tseng Chian YunMember
8 4Lv 8 秦詩晴 Chun See Ching KiaraMember
9 4Hp 16 李璟彤 Lee King Tung Member
10 4Hn 32 王晴 Wang Ching Member
11 4Hn 21 劉家裕 Lau Ka Yu Member
12 4Hn 26 凌溢謙 Ling Yat Him Member
13 3Hp 1 區晉僖 Au Chun Hei Lucus Member
14 3Hn 4 周思愉 Chow Sze Yu Member
15 3Hn 24 黃愷晴 Wong Hoi Ching Member
16 3Hn 27 楊凱晴 Yeung Hoi Ching Member
17 3Hn 28 姚施樂Yiu Sze LokMember