Student Committee

Career Prefects

Career Prefect Team is a group of senior form students who are willing to serve the school in order to help schoolmates to make their life planning. Prefects have different kinds of training and workshops for the self understanding and career explorations. There are lots of opportunities such as Career Days and School assembly for our prefects to be a servant leader in organizing life planning activities in school.

1 4Hp 7 秦詩晴 Chun See Ching Kiara  
2 4Hp 22 吳穎茵Ng Wing Yan  
3 4Ft 1陳洛婷Chan Lok Ting 
4 4Ft 6曹芷穎 Cho Tsz Wing Shirin 
5 4Ft 29曾千芸 Tseng Chian Yun 
6 4Hn 4張樂晴Cheung Lok Ching 
74Hn 10賴可欣Lai Ho Yan 
8 5Lv 8于綽蕘Hui Happy 
9 5Hp 3方綺嵐Fong Lui