Student Committee

Career Prefects

Career Prefect Team is a group of senior form students who are willing to serve the school in order to help schoolmates to make their life planning. Prefects have different kinds of training and workshops for the self understanding and career explorations. There are lots of opportunities such as Career Days and School assembly for our prefects to be a servant leader in organizing life planning activities in school.

13Hp6許諾怡Hui Happy 
23Hn18李樂瑤Li Lok Yiu 
34Hp1歐凱怡Au Hoi Yi 
44Hp16伍樹坤Ng Shu Kwan 
54Hp18司徒安珽Szeto On Ting 
64Hp20王祉喬Wong Tsz Kiu 
74Hp21邱芊滎Yau Chin Ying Sophie 
84Hn23吳泳琳Ng Wing Lam 
94Hn34王俐喬Wong Lee Kiu 
104Hn39于綽蕘Yu Cheuk Iu 
115Lv4方綺嵐Fong Yee Laam 
125Lv12吳海晴Ng Hoi Ching 
135Lv15王力揚Wong Lik Yeung 
145Hp21彭文勵Pang Man Lai 
155Ft8張樂陶Cheung Lok To 
165Ft17劉維竣Lau Wai Chun 
175Ft23林芷慧Lum Che Wai 
185Ft36葉曉曦Yip Hiu Hei 
195Hn10關允芝Kwan Wan Chi 
205Hn25楊筠誼Yeung Kwan Yi Constance