Why STCC ?

Christian Education


Based on the teaching of the Bible and through the practice of love, we are committed to creating a learning environment filled with creativity, initiative, care and trust. We have the mission to educate our students towards a biblical way of knowing and a Christian way of living. The School is committed to nurture our students to develop Christian characters for the future world.



Good English Learning Environment


To cultivate a good English learning environment, there are four English Speaking Days per week. Several school-wide English speaking activities are also being organised per month to arouse students' interests in learning English. The English Corner also provides different English learning games and activities. To further increase students' confidence in speaking English, native English speaking teachers provide training to students in the oral practice.



Whole School Approach to cater for Student Diversity


We believe small class sizes would help students being more focus on study and personal guidance. Our teachers are passionate and dedicated to help students attain promising academic results. Core subjects are further divided into smaller groups of teaching. A series of measurements such as study groups, tutorial class aim at catering for gifted and SEN students. The School also arranges training for teachers in different teaching areas in order to cater to the students' individual learning needs.



Healthy Personality and Holistic Growth


Our students are not only pursuing excellence in academic aspects, we are also providing opportunities to develop students’ knowledge and transferable skills to get well prepared for the future. They are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities such as sports team, student union, houses, societies and clubs. Through these out-of-classroom learning experiences, students will be more inspired with the goal of facilitating personal growth in a holistic way.



Life Education


Apart from emphasizing on the five aspects of education: moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic, we also foster the spiritual development of our students. Life Education and Moral Education subjects are introduced to junior and senior forms students respectively. Based on the truth taught in Bible, we examine issues related to students’ growth in order to educate and establish students with positive values in life.



International Perspective


We build connections with schools around the world. We accommodate exchange students and arrange study tours for our students to USA, Europe, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, and mainland etc. Students can participate in exchange programmes to open their minds and experience more about different values and cultures.