School Fees and Remission

School Fees 學費

2019-2020 School Year 學年: (Per Annum 每年)

S1: $23,200

S2: $23,200

S3: $23,200

S4: $23,200

S5: $23,200

S6: $23,200

2020-2021 School Year 學年: (Per Annum 每年)

S1: $26,000

*(School fee is subject to the approval by EDB)

School Fee Remission

Each year the school will use not less than 10% of the gross amount of the school fee received as the school fee remission and scholarship.

  • The purpose is to help students with financial needs and to ensure that they have an equal opportunity to study at this school.
  • We refer to the eligibility criteria of the Student Finance Office to assess students’ fee remission application.  Full rate of school fee remission will be granted to students who have received full-level of subsidy.  Half-level of the school fee remission will be granted to students who have received half-level of subsidy.  Detailed information is available on our School website.  Simultaneously, students with excellent academic achievement will also be granted scholarships.
  • Our School encourages students’ siblings to study here.  Students having siblings studying / or graduated from our school can have half-granted school fee remission. To download the application form, please click here for further process.



  • 旨在幫助有經濟需要的學生,讓學生不會因家庭經濟困難而損失入讀本校的機會。
  • 審批準則參考學生資助處的審批原則,凡在學生資助處獲取全額資助的家庭,可獲減免全部學費;獲半額資助家庭,可獲減免一半學費。領取綜合社會保障援助金的家庭可獲減免全部學費。詳情可參考本校網頁的資料。另外,成績優異的同學會獲發獎學金。
  • 本校鼓勵學生的兄弟姊妹入讀,與他們一同在這裡成長。如有兄弟姊妹在本校就讀或曾在本校畢業,可獲學費半免。如欲索取申請表,可於這裡下載
Direct Debit Authorisation (直接付款授權書)