Student Committee

Four Houses


*Pass the torch:

Students are grouped from different forms so that the STCC culture can be transmitted from senior form to junior form students.

*Leadership development: 

More leaders can be cultivated and trained through new house system.

Names of Houses

Names of houses are: House of Matthew, House of Mark, House of Luke, House of John. Four different colours, red, blue, green and purple represent four Houses respectively. Students are expected to follow Jesus’s example. 

Committee members of Four Houses (2021-2022)

Captain (Male)5Ft30Yuen Siu Hoi5Ft7Hung Chin Lai5Ft21Singh Vring Rajdeep5Ft22Siu Chetwyn
Captain (Female)5Lv19Ng Wing Yan5Ft5Fung Yu Ching5Lv12Kong Pui Lam Janice5Hn3Cheng Ka Sin
Treasurer3Hn29Yu Sea Lok5Ft17Mui Hoi Ching5Ft3Chiang On Ki4Hn21Lau Ka Yu
Secretary 15Hp18Tsang Yu Hay5Hp8Kai Yung Yung4Ft22Shalla Zara4Lv8Chun See Ching Kiara
Secretary 2      
Publicity Secretary 14Ft9Garcia Rebecca Grace Enriquez3Hn18Ng Cheuk Yi5Hp19Wong Brandon  
Publicity Secretary 24Hn23Lee Ho Ching3Hn30Yung Man Wai  4Hn29Mok Nga Sin
Steward 15Ft26Wong Shuk Kwan4Hp5Chan Pui Yee5Lv2Chan Tin Yi4Hn2Chan Hoi Ying
Steward 25Hn15Lee Tsz Ching5Hn23Wan Po Yee    
House Coordinator 13Hn3Choi Wai Yin4Hn25Leung Tsz Yiu4Ft24Tsang Hin Ho Hugo4Ft21Sandhu Dilpreet Singh
House Coordinator 24Hn32Wang Ching5Lv11Kong Hei Tung Hilda4Hn34Wong Ka Hon4Ft30Yen Wing Shan
Student Union

Slogan: Break through with AQUA, the new generation's pioneer


1. Listen to schoolmates' voices and cater for their needs

2. Fight for schoolmates' benefits

3. Provide schoolmates with varieties of school activities

4. Strive for giving sense of belongings of schoolmates

5. Be schoolmate-centred, exchange different views with heart.

President: 5Hn  Ko Choi Lam Jasmine

Vice President: 5Hn  Wong Oi Ying Angel

Secretary: 5Hn Lau Ka Yin Kylie

Treasurer: 5Hn  Fong Chun Hung Hilto

Secretary of Activity: 5Hn  Cui Yuxiang Leo

Secretary of Student Welfare: 4Hn  Chan Man Chi Mandy

Secretary of Junior Form House Affairs: 4Hn  Cheng Yan Kei Emily

Secretary of Senior Form House Affairs: 5Hn  Kwan Pak Hei Angus