Student Committee

Four Houses


*Pass the torch:

Students are grouped from different forms so that the STCC culture can be transmitted from senior form to junior form students.

*Leadership development: 

More leaders can be cultivated and trained through new house system.

Names of Houses

Names of houses are: House of Matthew, House of Mark, House of Luke, House of John. Four different colours, red, blue, green and purple represent four Houses respectively. Students are expected to follow Jesus’s example. 

Committee members of Four Houses (2018-2019)

Captain(Male)5Hn 5 Cheung Chun Hei5Ft 19Leung Ching Kit 5Ft 29Wan Tim 5Ft 16Ko Cheuk Hei 
Captain (Female)5Ft 21Leung Oi Yiu 5Ft 32Wong Sheeta 5Ft 28Tsoi Tsz Ching 5Ft 38Yu Ka Sin
Program Secretary 1 4Lv 16 Wu Tsz Ying 4Hp 16Ng Shu Kwan 4Lv 7Lau Fung Ming 5Ft 11Chu Hiu Yan Dora
Program Secretary 2 5Hn 9Kei Chun Hei 5Hp 28Wu Hoi Ching 4Hn 40Yu Cheuk Ying 5Ft 14Ho Wing Nam
Welfare Secretary 1 5Lv 15Wong Lik Yeung 5Hn 8Ho Ming Ting 5Ft 22Leung Wing Sze 5Hp 10Lau Cheuk Ki
Welfare Secretary 25Hp 16Leung Hiu Yau 5Hn 14Lee Pan Lun 5Hn 2Chan Tsz Kiu 5Ft 33Wong Yan Ho
Publicity Secretary 1 5Ft 17Lau Wai Chun 5Hn 13Lau Tsz Ching4Ft 14Hou Kwan Han 4Hn 12 Hou Kwan Yee
Publicity Secretary 2 5Hn 25Yeung Kwan Yi Constance 5Hn 16Lui Hon Pok 4Ft 28Tai Shuk Yin 5Hn 26Yip Hoi Yau
Steward 1 5Hn 22Tung Yin Hang 5Hn 18Man Cheuk Yan  4Hp 21Yau Chin Ying Sophie 5Hp 15Leung Hau Lam
Steward 2         5Hp 9Lam Hei Yin 5Ft 6Chan Yeung Lok
Student Union

Name: Palette
Slogan: Embrace our difference. Create our palette.


1. Provide a green life and diversified learning environment for students to become an all-rounded student.

2. Provide a multi-developing platform for students based on the school’s principles.

3. Encourage enthusiasm and bring joy and happiness to students.

President: 5Hn Wong Wing Sum

Vice President: 5Hp Tam Kwan Lim

Secretary: 5Ft Wong Oi Yiu

Treasurer: 5Ft Ngai Kin Hang

Secretary of Activity: 4Ft Chan Yui Nga Jasia

Secretary of Student Welfare: 5Lv Wong Oi Kiu

Secretary of Junior Form House Affairs: 4Ft Cheung Wai Lam

Secretary of Senior Form House Affairs: 4Hp Yeung Tai Tsui