Aims & Objectives:

1.    To encourage students to be active learners through PE lessons and sports teams training and health scheme, as well as subject-based activities.
2.    To enhance students’ fitness through PE lessons and a health scheme.
3.    To create channels and enhance students’ confidence to communicate with English and Putonghua in school sports teams and activities in PE society.
4.    To strive for better results for our sports team in inter-school competitions and overseas competitions.
5.    To provide a platform for students to develop their leadership potential.
6.    To help students develop a mindset of career planning through PE lessons and activities.


Junior and senior form
1.    Motor and Sports Skills
2.    Health and Fitness
3.    Sport-related Values and Attitudes
4.    Knowledge and Practice of Safety
5.    Knowledge of Movement
6.    Aesthetic Sensitivity

Teaching staff:

Ms LEUNG Lai Chong (LLC)
Mr LAM Ho Yin (LHY)
Ms MA Ming Wai (MMW)

Mr PUN Pak Sum (PSU)