Life planning is an ongoing and lifelong process for personal fulfillment, with different foci at different stages of the life time. At the schooling stage, life planning education plays a significant role in fostering students’ self-understanding, personal planning and articulation to progression pathways. Hence, STCC Career Guidance Committee connects with school’s curriculum components, and through it students are equipped with the knowledge, skills and attitude to make wise choices in accordance with their interests, abilities and orientations.

Aims & Objectives:

  1. To enable students to have their career and life planning through individual care and group counseling
  2. To develop good quality career education through curriculum mapping and various developmental programs
  3. To equip students’ attitudes, skills and knowledge (ASK) in adapting the transition from school to work through the career lessons and other developmental programs.

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Teaching staff:

Ms AU Man Hung (AMH), Head of Committee
Mr CHAN Ho Man (CHM)
Mr CHOW Kim Fung (CKF)
Mr LAM Chun Yam (LKE)
Ms LAW Ka Lai (LKL)
Ms NG Yee Man (NYM)
Mr NG Yuen Fung (NYF)