Aims & Objectives:


  • To enable students to develop an understanding of moral values and civic awareness.
  • To help students develop their healthy characters in the sense of quality students with positive thinking.
  • To support form teachers in building up the class cohesions and good relationship with the students.
  • To facilitate the development of positive and harmonious culture and ethos in school.
  • To strengthen students with essential inner qualities such as courtesy, responsibility and respect, etc.


  • To reinforce students’ moral values and undertake civic responsibility
  • To nurture students’ good qualities through different programs and activities
  • To provide opportunities for students to actualize their potentials and encourage students to organize innovative activities

Useful Links:

1. 德育、公民及國民教育 Moral, Civic and National Education

2. 廉政公署 - 「德育資源網」

3. 香港有品運動

4. 公民教育委員會

4. Other Learning Experiences (OLE)

4. 義工資訊網 Volunteer link

4. 「其他學習經歷」活動資料庫

4. 做義工 「好義配」

Teaching Staff:

Mr YEUNG Kwok Wai (YKW), Head of Committee
Ms NG Yee Man (NYM)
Ms CHENG Lai Lam (CLL)
Mr LAM Chun Yam (LKE)
Mr CHAN Kin Ho (CKI)