Home-School Cooperation Committee


Home-school cooperation committee (HSCC) and parent-teacher association (PTA) play an important role in being a communication platform between the school and parents. We believe that teachers and parents should establish a partnership in order to provide students with the most suitable learning environment in their secondary school lives. Through different programs organized by HSCC and PTA, parents can build up harmonious relationship with their children and the school can deliver clear messages of school major concerns to the parents. We also actively collect parents’ opinions and suggestions to improve the education qualities.

Aims & Objectives:

1. To strengthen the cooperation between the school and parents through PTA.
2. To develop better communication system between the school and parents so as to facilitate the family and school education.
3. To enhance education effectiveness and students’ welfare by encouraging parents to support and participate in the school’s events and activities.

Teaching staff:

Mr CHAN Chun Ming (CCM), Head of Committee
Ms LEE Sau Kuen (SAU)
Mr LAM Ho Yin (LHY)
Ms NG Wing Nam (NWN)
Mr TSE Hung Pan (THP)