Aims & Objectives:

The aims of Mathematics subject are : to develop students apply the mathematical principle in daily life and in mathematical contexts and other disciplines; to arouse students, interest and develop their potential in order to nurture them to admire the sense of beauty of mathematics; to build up a foundation for developing other disciplines, let students have more room to achieve their goal.


Junior Forms:


Directed numbers, Algebra, Simple equations, Geometry, Area and Volumes, Percentages, Symmetry and Transformation, Coordinates, Polynomials, Angles in Rectilinear figures, Estimation & Approximation and Statistical graphs.


Identities and Factorization, Simultaneous Equations, Rate and Ratio, More about Statistical graphs, Congruent and Similar Triangles, Deductive Geometry, Polygons, Square Roots and Pythagoras’ Theorem, Measurement and Errors, Mensuration, Algebraic Fractions and Formulae, Trigonometric Ratios, Measures of Central Tendency.


Laws of Integral Indices, More about Percentages, More about Factorization, Quadrilaterals, Coordinates Geometry, Applications of Trigonometry, Inequalities, Theorems Related to Triangles, Study of 3-Dimensional Figures, Pyramids, Circular Cones and Spheres, Probability, Uses and Abuses of Statistics.

Senior Forms:


Number Systems, Quadratic Equations in One unknown, Functions and Graph, Polynomials, Equations of Straight Lines, Exponential Functions, Logarithmic Functions, Trigonometric Functions, Properties of Circles, Circles and Tangents.


More about Inequalities, Applications of Trigonometry in 2-D Problems, Locus, Equations of Circles, Permutation and Combination, More about Probability, Variatioins, Linear Programming, Measures of Dispersion.


Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences, Applications of Trigonometry in 3-D Problems.

Teaching staff:

Mr WONG Wai Kit (ERI), Panel Head
Ms KWOK Lai Yi (KLY), Deputy Head
Mr HUI Chun Kiu (HCK)
Ms LAM Ching Man (LMA)

Mr LAM Chi Fung (LCF)
Mr LEE Yiu Cho (LYC)
Mr TSE Hung Pan (THP)
Mr YEUNG Lok Hin (YLH)
Mr YUEN Sheung Wang (YSW)
Mr LEE Chin To (LCT)