ECF Saint Too Canaan College has established Green School Committee since school year 2017-18. In collaboration with environmental professionals, the committee set up some best practices which will ensure the whole school:

1. to reduce our carbon-footprint on our planet.

2. to reduce food waste and increases awareness of recycled material waste.

3. to create a healthier, greener learning environment for our students; and

4. to develop a deeper understanding of the earth’s fragile ecosystem in our students

The missions of this committee are to guide both our teachers and students to nurture a green lifestyle through solid waste reduction, energy and water saving, also to cultivate green school culture and atmosphere through sharing with other schools.

Aims & Objectives:


1. To nurture a greener lifestyle among STCC students.
2. To cultivate a green school culture throughout the campus.


1. To cultivate and inspire future generations of environmental protection leaders.
2. To provide a platform for students to implement plans that reduce our environmental impact on the Earth through activities inside and outside of school.
3. To develop Green School initiatives and measures that positively affect our students, our teachers and the community by creating a more sustainable Hong Kong.
4. To positively affect not only the school level, but the Hong Kong community.

Teaching Staff:

Mr TAM Ho Chi (THC), Head of Committee
Ms CHAN Wai Yan (CWY)
Ms LEE Shum Yee (LSY)
Ms LEE Hoi Ling (LHO)
Ms LEUNG Yuet Kwan Carmen (LYK)


On 18th November 2018, 20 environmental prefects of our school were invited to the 9th Cross-Strait Green Building Technology Development Forum. Principal Tsui, Assistant Principals Mr Lau and Mr Lee and teachers of Green School Committee came to support the event. With the participation of professors and environmental experts and school principals, Principal Tsui gave out a speech to share the green policy and its effectiveness that our school has been implemented by far. Our students also received the certificate of appreciation that recognized their contribution to the implementation of green policy among STCC.