NCS Chinese Subject

2023-2024 NCS Chinese Classes Offered in STCC for NCS Students

Mainstream Chinese classNCS Chinese class

Mainstream Chinese curriculum

School-based NCS
Chinese curriculum

Class Size

Large class,
merged with local students

Separated small class
specifically for NCS students

Public Exam Suggested

(will also take IGCSE as a safety net)


Learning Materials

Local publisher
(students need to buy the materials according to the book list)

Tailor-made school text book

School Exam Counting Method
(For Chinese Subject in Junior Forms Only)

• Their results of the Chinese subject will be ranked with local students.
• To encourage NCS students to study more advanced Chinese, the full mark of students’ continuous assessment (daily marks) will be 80%, i.e. there will be 25% bonus in daily marks of Chinese subject.
• In counting the grand average, the exam/RT mark will remain unchanged to show the reality of their learning progress.

• Their results of the Chinese subject will be ranked separately.
• In order to raise equity and compare the overall results in all subjects among the class/form, their marks in both continuous assessment (daily marks) and exam/RT will be adjusted by the school.

Opportunities Of Switching Class

• There will be an evaluation after each exam.
• If students in Mainstream Chinese class cannot achieve the standard marks, he/she may be requested to attend NCS Chinese class, once the students attend NCS class, students cannot change back to Mainstream Chinese class again.
• Students in NCS Chinese class may be promoted upstream to Mainstream Chinese class under teachers’ suggestion.