Student Committee

Moral and Civic Education Society is formed to plan and organize various MCE related activities. By implementing the activities, members are trained to raise their self-confident and leadership potential.

Student Committee Members

Wong Chung Wai


Wong Kwan Ming

Vice Chairperson
4Lv鄭頴淇Cheng Wing Ki Committee member
4Lv黃文軒Wong BrandonCommittee member
4Ft劉黎Liu LiCommittee member
4Ft黃芯悅Wong Sum YuetCommittee member
4Ft尹寶儀Wan Po YeeCommittee member
3Ft沙莎拉Shalla ZaraCommittee member
1Hn梁晞潼Leung Hei Tung KeeliaCommittee member
Inter-class Board Decoration Competition Workshop

On 21st September 2023, class representatives from each class joined the inter-class board decoration competition workshop. In the workshop, students gained some ideas and skills of design, preparing for the decoration of the board in each class.