AIMS program

A.I.M.S. Programme


 1. To facilitate students to devise their career plans to achieve whole-person development.     

 2. To enhance students’ sense of belonging.     

 3. To widen students’ perspective and to build up self-confidence.     

 4. To recognize students’ participation by showing in the report cards.


(A) Aesthetic and Physical Development
(I) Intellectual Development
(M) Moral and Civil Education
(S) Social Services


 1. Students are required to participate in at least 2 out of 4 of the above categories in junior forms and senior forms respectively in order to meet the basic requirement of the programme.

 2. Students are regarded as completing each extra-curricular activity only if their attendance rate meets 75% or above or students regularly participate the activity. The activity record can be shown on report card if they fulfil this requirement.

 3. Calculation method:

Students’ accumulative criteria

Wordings shown on report card
*The following words are shown on annual report card according to accumulative record year by year


Conduct Mark

2 Categories

Meet AIMS programme basic requirement (Junior Forms)

Meet AIMS programme basic requirement (Senior Forms)

Not applicable

Not applicable

3 Categories

AIMS Program – Bronze

Merit x 1


4 Categories

AIMS Program – Silver

Merit x 2


4 Categories


To represent the school to participate in external competition and is awarded with Champion/1st Runner-up/ 2nd Runner-up

AIMS Program – Gold

Minor Merit x 1


 4. If students do not meet the basic requirement in junior forms / senior forms, they are required to join respective services/activities in summer (applicable to S3 & S5 term end).

Example: If a student participates in (A) (I) in junior form and (M) (S) in senior form and is awarded as Champion in Speech Festival in a year, the above 5 categories are to be shown on his/her report card. 18 conduct marks are awarded in his/her entire secondary school life.


 1.Most of the (A) and (S) require teachers’ recommendation, shortlisting or only allow senior students to participate.

 2.Students who have completed courses outside the school in the same year can fill in an application form to apply for counting it as one of the (A)(I)(M)(S) category.

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