Stair Graffiti Arts

Date: 13/10/2022

This project aims to create a visual learning environment with beautiful artworks and meaningful words. In 2014-2015, our S.5 Visual Arts students completed the graffiti arts on the stairs between 1/F to 4/F. With reference to the modern artists’, the graffiti arts were painted using the styles of postmodern art. For each floor, a Bible scripture is chosen for fostering our students’ growth. 
In this summer, our graduates, who painted the graffiti artworks, led our Junior form students to repair the artworks on the stairs. It is graceful to see our students serving the school for generations. Both our lovely graduates and students are always happy to serve with love and care. May this spirit continue and let us build a beautiful campus together!

  • From left to right:

    3rd Row: Ms. KEE Suk Fun, Mr. YAN Ka Chi

    2nd Row: LUK Hiu Ching (2 Hn), LEE Ching Kei (4 Hn), 3 LEE Ching Kei (4 Ft), LEE Chit Sum Summer (3 Pr)

    1st Row: Ms. YEUNG Tsz Tung, Ms. FONG Yuen Ching, Ms. LAW Sum Yin, Mr. LEUNG Yuk Yi

  • Although the weather was hot, our supporting staff prepared fans for our students. We would like to deliver our greeted gratitude to them.