International Culture Week (19 Mar - 23 Mar)

Date: 19/03/2018

International Culture Week – Japanese Culture was successfully held in the period of 19 March - 23 March 2018. Students had the opportunity to explore the rich culture of Japan through sports, games, food and performances. There were many activities and displays at lunchtimes and in assemblies, including a Judo demonstration, a bento design competition, a quiz about, game booths and a traditional dance performance.

International Culture Week – Day 1 Judo Demonstration

Our students enjoyed a judo session coached by Mr. Ho and Miss Cheng from Kowloon Judo Club. They were able to learn the throwing, grappling and striking techniques from the experts. Fifteen boys, four girls and some teachers participated and practised in the event. All the participants could experience how to gain leverage or unbalance the opponents. What an exciting event full of strength and sweat!

International Culture Week – Day 2 Bento Design Competition

The bento design competition was held at lunchtime on 20th March. 8 teams of teachers and students had to use their imagination to design and assemble creative lunch boxes on the theme ‘Spring’ in 20 minutes. Two Japanese housewives, Ms. Mihashi and Ms. Aida, accompanied by Ms. Otsuka from the Embassy of Japan, were invited to be the judges of the event. All the participants enjoyed the fun, imaginative and tasty bento boxes in the event. 

International Culture Week – Day 3 Animation

On the third day of International Culture week, students and teachers alike showed off their knowledge of Japanese animation. In the competition, four teams of students and teachers were quizzed on the names of characters, character features, and major plot points of animes such as Howl’s Moving Castle, One Piece, Fullmetal Alchemist, Black Butler, and Cardcaptor Sakura. At the same time, other teachers and students could participate in the game booths where they had to guess different animes based on their theme songs and characters. This day truly brought out the otaku in some! 

International Culture Week – Day 4 Booths

On 22nd March, students and teachers enjoyed a fun-filled lunch break at different booths, where they could play with a kendama けん玉 – a Japanese toy which challenges you to throw the ball upwards, try to get it caught in one of the cups or land with the hole on the spike. There were also booths for the art of paper folding (origami), dressing up in a traditional yukata or happi, and tasting delicious chocolate-dipped bananas and candied apples (Ringo Ame). We also had the special opportunity of serving ramen and dumplings to angry customers in a VR game! Everyone’s sunny smiles matched the weather of the day.

International Culture Week – Day 5 Drum & Dance

Friday’s assembly was a special and enjoyable one – with students and teachers dancing together in the hall! A special guest, Ms. Thelma Cheung from Drum Jam, introduced to us the different types of drums used for traditional music and dance. With her guidance, students onstage dressed in traditional happi used their energy to strike their drums to the beat. It was great to see students and teachers and even our very own school Principal Dr. Li moving in sync on the last day of IC week!