An Alluring Inheritance of Beauty: Chinese Cheongsam 傳承「一種獨特的美 」長衫展

Date: 09/02/2023

Students of S4 in STCC who major in Visual Arts visited An Alluring Inheritance of Beauty: Chinese Cheongsam (傳承「一種獨特的美 」長衫展) which is a fashion archive exhibition inside HKDI.
This Exhibition celebrates the beauty and values of traditional Chinese fashion through the exquisite works contributed by The China National Silk Museum, Cheongsam Master Tailors, contemporary fashion designers, celebrities and fashion design students.

Our students are able to navigate through a blended physical and virtual collection that narrates decades of evolution in forty-eight cheongsam creations, captured in their intricate designs and exquisite craftmanship that were drawn from Chinese traditions and values. Furthermore, the “Hong Kong Cheongsam Making Technique” was inscribed into The National List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of China in 2021. With this in mind, we hope that future generations would be inspired by this Exhibition to take this alluring inheritance of the Chinese Cheongsam to its next exciting and significant milestone.

This is a valuable experience for our VA students to be inspired and reflect upon their progress. That was a fruitful trip to all of them!