2023-24 Inter-school Swimming Championships

Date: 04/10/2023

Our Swimming Team had outstanding performance in the 2023-24 Inter-school Swimming Championships which was held by Hong Kong School Sports Federation on 27/9 and 4/10 respectively.

Our team was awarded:

Champion in Girls a grade 4x50 m Freestyle 

1st runner-up in Girls B grade 4x50 m Freestyle

2nd runner-up in Girls A, B grade

2Ft  Lee King Hang won the Champion in 50m FreeStyle and 1st runner-up in 50m Butterfly

3Hp Lam Yu Ying won the 3rd runner-up,in 50m & 100m Breaststroke

6Hp Ma Yui Hei won the 3rd runner-up in 100m Freestyle 

3Hn LAU Yeuk Nam NATALIE won the 2nd runner-up in 50m FreeStyle and 3rd runner-up in 100m Freestyle

4Ft NG Wing Tung Jacquelyn won the champion in 50m Backstroke and 3rd runner-up in 50m Butterfly