Shenzhen Guangzhou Tour

Date: 26/06/2023

At the heart of this trip to Shenzhen and Guangzhou is the out-of-classroom learning based on what we have learned in Economics and Chinese History lessons. The two subjects are intertwined in many ways which can be reflected by the following memorable destinations.

The first of which is Guangzhou Thirteen Hongs Museum, which displayed cultural artefacts from the Qing dynasty. The cultural relics, including fine China and silk pieces, not only displayed the rich art and cultural history of China, but also showed the economic activities of the time as these were highly traded commodities.

The second one is Yongqing Fang, featuring revitalized historical buildings. Through architecture and design, we can experience both the area’s history and its recent economic development. Many of the buildings have been converted into modern shops with contemporary interiors, blending the old and new aesthetics.

During this trip, students had the opportunity to take the high-speed railway, an advanced transportation connecting various regions of China. Besides that, students also had the chance to use digital wallet apps, such as AliPay or WeChat, gaining insight into how transactions work in a nearly cashless economy.

(by student, Ong Wai Lam 4 Hn)