L6 Kayak 1-3 Star Award Training Class

Date: 26/06/2023

Can you imagine how challenging a kayak can be? Yet the greater the challenge, the greater benefit. Kayaking is a very abundant journey. From e 26th to 28th June, 2023, an eight-person team consisting of Mr. Chan Wai Kin and form 3 and 4 students set out from Sai Kung town to participate in a three-day kayak level 1-3 training course. Our aim is to master the skills of solo kayaking and challenge ourselves personally through this activity. We started with learning how to put on life jackets, transporting the kayak to water and then getting on it. We had to use the paddle to control the kayak’s direction as well as the proper handling when capsizing it. On the first day, crashing into others is common and capsizing is a test of confidence; turning over the kayak seems impossible! However, the coach's sincere advice, encouragement, and demonstrations greatly increase our skills and confidence. Finally, we were not only able to control our own boats, but we successfully could help other teammates flip their boats and get back on board as well. Although the learning process was hard, it was worth it. Learning to kayak for three consecutive days in the scorching sun drained our energy, leaving us exhausted every day. From the frustration of spinning out of control on the first day to the laughter of everyone racing their kayaks on the final day, our skills were unlocked so we could enjoy the happy moments and witness our perseverance and growth together.