Hong Kong Eco-Exploration

Date: 26/06/2023

This activity gives students an unprecedented experience of experiential learning in the nature through a the hybrid of classroom learning and outing tours. This 3-day of local eco-exploration between 26 June and 28 June has given students a great opportunity to learn about and appreciate Hong Kong local species and biodiversity. Students get the chance to play two different HK Ecological board games - “Law of Forest” and “Where’re the Butterflies” to learn about biodiversity in HK and local butterfly species. After playing each board game, students are encouraged to look for specific species in the outing locations. Different games and activities such as mindful walking are also included in the tour. The instructors leading the program introduce various insects throughout the outings, which have aroused students' curiosity to learn more about them. Despite encountering frightening spiders and enduring sweltering heat, students found the experience incredibly meaningful as it allowed them to deepen their understanding of the nature and gain a wealth of knowledge about various types of butterflies and insects.