Adventure-based Counselling Camp

Date: 28/06/2023

Adventure Based Counselling is a group oriented program that helps participants learn to increase their self-awareness, accept responsibility for their choices, and connect with others. Scorching heat, thousand drops of sweat and tons of drinking water can  easily come up in students’ minds when recalling the memories of this 3-day camp.Class teachers witnessed students’ growth in building resilience through overcoming indoor & outdoor challenges. Activities of both low and high events do enhance the problem-solving skills of students with different abilities. It was also glad to see that students were more willing to make decisions and show empathy for others. There is a saying that individually, we are one drop but together we are an ocean. It can fully describe the beauty of team spirit shown among the students within the 3 days training. Despite the fears or anxiety in doing the high events, students were still eager to try and step out of their comfort zone.