22-23 School Team Training Camp

Date: 28/06/2023

From 28th to 30th June, 2023, Ms. Wong Man Yan, Mr. Lam Ho Yin and Mr. Pun Pak Sum accompanied thirty-five junior form students to the Wu Kwai Sha Youth Village sports training camp. During the 3-day, 2-night training camp aims to enhance teamwork, improve individual skills, and facilitate friendships and goal setting among the team members. Some specific highlights included:

Team-building challenges — Various team-building exercises to develop problem-solving abilities, develop trust and better communication and cooperation between team members.

Skill development sessions — Focused and intensive training sessions enhance specific skills relevant to the team's sport, such as drills, techniques, tactical discussions and physical fitness workouts.

Mini competitions — Mini matches among team members to simulate real-game scenarios and encourage healthy competition while providing opportunities to apply newly acquired skills.

Guest coaches and alumni — Alumni, Ms. Lo Olive Ching Wun, former STCC outstanding sports person awardee, shares her knowledge, provides guidance, and motivates the team through group fitness training workouts.

Bonding activities — Time and opportunity for the team to bond through social events, games and outdoor activities that promote interaction, develop friendships, and create a positive team environment.

Goal-setting and reflection — Sessions for the team to set goals collectively and individually, encourage self-reflection of strengths and areas for improvement, and create action plans to progress further.

Overall, the school team training camp offered a comprehensive experience that combined skills development, team building and personal growth opportunities as well as fostered unity and sense of belonging, preparing the team for future challenges.