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Student Committee

English Society and Team(s):

English Society

English Society is composed of three teachers and about ten committee members.  Committee members will be trained to assist teachers in organizing different English-related activities.  They will also star in English videos – One-minute English, to raise students’ awareness towards common English mistakes.

ClassClass No.Eng. Name
1Ft7Chun See Ching Kiara
2Lv3Chan Hoi Ching
3Hn4Chan Yui Nga Jasia
3Hn30Yip Tsz Ching
3Hn32Yu Cheuk Ying
4Hp15Lau Chun Shing
4Hp20Leung Hiu Yau
4Hp21Li Chun Hei
4Hn16Lau Tsz Ching
5Hp3Cheung Sze Ching Katerina
5Hp7Hui Wan Ki
5Hp24Wong Jessie Yan
5Hp25Wu Yuet Yan
5Ft23Sadia Bibi
5Hn7Ching Wing Yu Megan
5Hn23Lui Kin Lok
1Hn25Mazhar Maleeha
English Debating Team

Exposed to the debating environment, students are expected to develop capability in different learning domains. These domains consist of expressing, responding to and arguing about points of view persuasively and confidently; and collaborating with others in planning, preparing for and conducting a debate. It is hoped that the acquisition of knowledge and skills facilitates students in reflecting on how language is used in the context of a debate.

3HnYu Cheuk Iu (Pancy)
3HnCheung Yan Yu (Christina)
3HnYip Tze Ching (Gladys)
4HpLau Cheuk Ki (Jaki)
4LvWong Ching Huen (Placid)
4FtYip Hoi Yau (Ryan)
4HnMan Cheuk Yan (Yannis)
5HpCheung Sze Ching (Katerina)
5FtFung Pui Ki (Koei)
5FtSadia Bibi (Saida)
5FtLum Che Wai (Cherry)
5FtBenedetta Bove