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International Culture Week (18 Mar - 22 Mar)

Date: 18/03/2019

International Culture Week – Korean Culture was successfully held in the period of 18 March - 22 March 2019. Students had the opportunity to explore the rich culture of Korea through games, sports, food, and performances. There were many activities and displays at lunchtimes and in assemblies, including game booths, a Taekwondo demonstration, a kimbap design competition, a fashion show, a K-pop dance competition.

Day 1 - 18 March 2019

On the first day of International Culture week, our students and teachers enjoyed games inspired by the hit Korean game show Running Man. Six teams made up of teachers and students fought to be the first to finish all the challenges including Ten Heart Gestures, Korean Whisper, Tuhu, Gongo, Korean Chopsticks, and Relay Rolling Hoop. All the participants could experience how to work together and encourage each other to do their best. What an exciting event full of joy (and sweat)!

Day 2 - 19 March 2019

Have you ever thought that you can break a piece of wood barefoot? Or you can practice the striking techniques of Taekwondo and enjoy K-pop music at the same time?

Master Nae No and his students, from NRG Taekwondo Korea were invited to be the guests of our event. They not only demonstrated the powerful head-height kicks, jumping, spinning kicks, and fast kicking techniques, but showed us how Taekwondo could be in combination with K-pop music. Our students were even coached by our guests to learn some basic striking and defensing skills of Taekwondo. It was such a great and wonderful opportunity for them!