The School Design and Decoration Team aims to increase student’s sense of belonging and treasure the things surrounding them. Through the organization and implementation of campus beauty campaign, students are able to make use of vision and create a school campus filled with truthfulness, compassion and beauty. This is also to influence students to have positive values and cultivate them to be thankful individuals. 

Activity highlights:
1. Workshops
- Green Project: Mural Painting: 2/F As a deer
                               Junk!Woodworking– Adopt a Log
                               Butterfly Road
- STEM :        Mural Painting: 3/F The Vast Expanse of the Universe
Learning:        Mural Painting: G/F Learning Without Boundaries
                                                             G/F Anniversary Celebration Painting

2. Moral Education and Character Nurturing
Leadership and Team Building: Campus Beauty Committee
Positive Value and Thankful Attitude: Beautifying doors and mirrors in the restrooms
                                                                          Beautifying the tuck shop

3. Christian Value
S1 Christian Bulletin Board (Love, Hope, Faith and Honesty)
- Mural Painting: 1/F – 4/F Stair 1 Christian Growth in the Bible
                                 G/F- 2/F Stair 2 Grace Road
                                 2/F The Wisdom Mosaic wall
                                 2/F As a deer
                                 3/F The Vast Expanse of the Universe

Structure of School Design and Decoration
Rationale of Activities organized for SDD:
In line with learning, moral education and character and spiritual nurturing, SDD closely cooperates with other school departments in
terms of visual arts.

Student Committee: Campus Beauty Committee
1) Students should possess excellent drawing skills and collaborative attitude.
2) Students are required to attend the mural painting workshop and other Visual Arts related design and decoration work.
3) Regular workshop will be held every Friday.


Head of School Design and Decoration Team: Ms Kee Suk Fun Janice / KSF

Members of School design and Decoration Team: Ms LAU Ka Wai / LWA
                                                                            Mr WONG Vincent / WKS