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Activities Highlight

JA Company Program

JA Company Programme enables students to learn about entrepreneurial skills through running their own company. They started their business by raising capital in school; design, producing and promoting their own products. The whole process is guided by teachers and business partners (volunteers in real business companies).

 The company is called ‘Retro 2070s’ and they sold self-designed key rings and coin bags. Through this activity, participants are enriched with career related experiences and feel more confident in achieving greater accomplishments in life.

Visit to Cyberport

The visit aims to help students to understand the application of business theories in actual commercial organization. Also, they were introduced the updated business models and some innovative products.

Joint School Collaboration Project: Life Financial Management Game - Prudent

The program is organized by young financial secretaries from 7 schools: La Salle College, Diocesan Girls' School, Kowloon True Light School, HKSYCIA Wong Tai Shan Memorial College, Tak Oi Secondary School, Raimondi College and STCC. This program provide the opportunity to dig deep into the concepts of personal financial management, such as ‘live within our means’, ‘wise and prudent investment’ etc through different game booths.

Toronto Study Tour

The Toronto Study Tour aimed at helping senior students to explore the education system, school life, business activities and economic development in Canada. We hope that this memorable experience may sparkle students’ life and help them set out clear study and career goal.

Visit to HKICPA

The visit to Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (HKICPA) aims at helping accounting students understand the job duties as well as the authentic working environment of accountants.

Business, Accounting and Financial Studies