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Activities Highlight

Speech Festival

By encouraging students to take part in Speech Festival, we hope to boost their confidence in their English speaking ability and also engender a sense of pride. There were altogether 60 participants involved in a variety of events this year, namely dramatic duologue, solo prose reading and choral speaking.  Most of them got the Certificate of Merit. 4 Faith Bernarda Scharf got the Champion and 2 Faith Chung Hong Chi was the 1st Runner up in the solo prose reading class. Students’ experience was greatly enriched as they got to compete with counterparts of all abilities from different schools.

Joint School Oral Practice

With the aim of providing a chance for our Form 6 and 5 students to apply the speaking skills they have learnt for tackling DSE Paper 4 in a more genuine setting, we conducted Joint School Oral Practice with our neighboring schools, Ning Po No. 2 College (NP2C), Stewards Pooi Kei College (SPKC) Sing Yin Secondary School and United Christian College (Kowloon East) (UCCKE) on 13th December, 2018 and 16th May, 2018. The practice was successfully held and our students gained valuable experiences which could help improve their group discussion skills.

Australia Study Tour

Australia Study Tour allows students to experience different learning styles and western cultures. It gives a chance to the students to see Australia in a different way which can help widen their horizons. Staying with a host family and attending school together with the local students enable them to mingle with the local people and speak English in an authentic English environment.

English Sailing Day

With the help of Hebe Haven Yacht Club, we have been providing students with an opportunity to learn and experience the fun of sailing. While learning the skills required to sail a boat on their own, students is also given a chance to use English in an authentic context, communicating with native English-speaker instructors.

Visit to STCC by Broughton Anglican College

Our sister school Broughton Anglican College from Campbelltown in Sydney visited our school in April this year. A group of 20 students toured around the campus together with 5 of their teachers. Our students served as their buddies and interacted with them throughout the whole activity. They learnt Chinese calligraphy, made snow skin mooncakes and lunched at a local Chinese restaurant. It is such a precious experience to our students who could get to know a different culture more and use English in an authentic environment.