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Activities Highlight

Sports Day

Sports Day is one of the most important activities at STCC. We want to give students a place to show off their athletic abilities. Apart from that, we give students the opportunity to explore their leadership potential. Furthermore, our alumni and previous colleagues, as well as our parents, will attend to share our joy.

Sports Teams

Over 250 students were chosen to be on the sports squad. We give them with ongoing training throughout the year, even during the summer vacation. They learn how to cooperate with their colleagues and solve problems during the training and competition processes.

School Team training camp

35 junior form students from the athletics, dodgeball, basketball, and frisbee teams were selected to attend the Wu Kwai Sha Youth Village sports training camp from June 28th to June 30th, 2023.
The three-day, two-night training camp aims to strengthen teamwork, individual talents, friendships, and goal-setting among team members.
We also welcomed one of our alumni, Ms. Lo Olive Ching Wun, a past STCC Outstanding Sportsperson Awardee, to share her knowledge, provide direction, and stimulate the team through group fitness training activities.

2017 Shanghai Frisbee Tournament

Our Frisbee sports team was invited by HKUPA to join 2017 Shanghai Frisbee tournament. Over 400 players come from 10 different countries participated in it. We all treasured to have such good experience with different Frisbee teammates.