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MUS - Music Performance in L&T Assembly

In order to provide more platform for the students to express themselves and build up their confidence, teachers invited the students who are talented in music performed their own piece on stage in L&T Assembly. The performance list is as follows:
1. 2Ft Kwan Lai Lok V Meditation from the opera Thais (Harmonica Solo)
2. 4Lv Wu Yat Wing & 5Ft Leung Yik Shun, Samuel V Junction (Original Composition played by Erhu, Piano, Synthesizer & Beatbox)
3. 5Hp Liu Chun Ho & 5Ft Liu Chun On V Laputa (Saxophone Solo accompaniment by Piano_
For details, please visit STCC Music Website: http://www.stcc.edu.hk/~wyc/, Canaan Road Show ({nYShow)
Date 2015-02-13

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