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PSH - Poverty Banquet

The PSH department organized a Poverty Banquet in February for all Form 2 students. This activity provided students with a chance to experience the situation of disparity between the rich and the poor in the world.

The activity was divided into 3 parts. Firstly, a bazaar (second hand shop) was held. All the items were donated by the students. Students could buy the items that they want and the money will be donated. Secondly, there were activities and games for the students to experience the life of the poor. For example, to experience their living environment and their entertainment. Finally, students were divided into 2 groups, one can enjoy a rich meal and the other group can only had limited food in order to experience the life of the poor.

Students all enjoyed in the Poverty Banquet. They had a deep reflection in their lives and they got more ideas on the difficulties of the poor.
Date 2014-02-11

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