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PSH - English Speaking Day (ESD) activity

Details of the activities:

¡§Currency¡¨ is theme of PSH ESD this year. We had different counters to integrate the knowledge of Social studies, Economy, Chinese History and Geography.

We distributed a worksheet in the reading lesson about currencies of ancient China. This enriched the knowledge and raised the students¡¦ interests in Chinese History.

Next, for Economy, currencies of different countries were exhibited. Moreover, students needed to calculate the exchange rate of different currencies. This provided a real-life experience to the students in economics.

For Social Studies and Geography, a world map was provided to the students and they needed to show the locations of different countries on the map. Moreover, information of two countries were shown on a board and students needed to compare their difference in terms of GDP, HDI and Gini coefficient, etc. These activities helped them to consolidate the knowledge in Geography and Social Studies.

After finishing the task, students could get the coupons from the counters and they could redeem the gifts.

In conclusion, ESD was a great success this year. Around 150 students joined the activities. Students enjoyed the activities much and had fun. Through the activities they knew more about the currencies of different countries and acquired knowledge which could not be found in the textbooks.
Date 2014-09-25

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