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VA - Belgian Spirit : Design in Motion and Dress Code

A total of 46 S4 and S5 VA students visited two above captioned exhibitions at HKDI Gallery on 22 Jan 2014.

Design in Motion, a solo exhibition of the Belgian architect and designer, Charles Kaisin, has showcased design products and installation arts, all linked by two themes : motion and recycling. Our VA students have widened their learning through the creative use of the recycled materials and the skills of advanced technology.

Dress Code : Belgian fashion is highly praised for its unique balance between realism and creativity. With a strong sense of identity, good influence of the craftsmanship and artistic history and the creative use of different textiles and materials, Belgian fashion designers have appeared as front-runners in the fashion world.

This fashion exhibition has stimulated our VA students to appreciate the design culture of Belgium and help to nurture their creativity, imagination and generous embracing of cultural diversity.
Date 2014-01-22

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