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SCI - S5 Biology Field trip

Activity description
Students gained a hand-on exposure to conduct a field study. Students had a close look on those precious living organisms around us and understood how they were affected by the environment.

Sharing from student on the activity
Lai Wai Kiu, 5 Hope
I am really thankful for having this chance to experience fieldwork and study different organisms in Hong Kong. From this trip, I have learnt a lot about different organisms in freshwater stream. For example, I have learnt their living habits and how the environment affects the living organisms. It is really an amazing trip. We could learn things that are out of the textbook and experienced by ourselves. I wish we could have more chance to participate in these fieldworks and promote more about active learning.

Tang Siu Nam, 5 Hope
It is a really a great experience to have the chance to join this field study. After this field trip, I have learnt something that we could not learn from the textbook and regular lesson. In fact, we can also experience the natural environment of Hong Kong habitats.
Date 2013-02-04

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