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Student Sharing Session - Project on ˇ§SS Assessment for Learning in Visual Arts: Visual Arts Portfolio Building and Assessmentˇ¨‏

Our school is glad to be invited to take part in a sharing session among the participating schools (a total of 9 Schools). The sharing aim at providing opportunity for students to learn from the peers of other schools and building teachersˇ¦ capacity through sharing of teaching practices.

Our S5 student Keung Wing Chi had 15 minutes to share her development of portfolio. It took 3-4 minutes for Q&A sessions. After her sharing, the responsible teacher, Miss Kee, summed up with Keung Wing Chiˇ¦s merit that other students might learn from her and the aspect that she needed further improvement.

Mr. Michael Izzard, the project consultant shared his observations and provided students with hints for developing portfolios. A student shared her experience in building an authentic portfolio, which was also useful for preparing the admission interviews of the universities.
Date 2012-05-19

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