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S.5 Biology Studentsˇ¦ Field Trip to a Marine Habitat

Sharing from students :

Fong Oi Lun, 5 Love
After this field trip, I learned more about the ecosystem of Hong Kong Hoi Ha Wan.
We took a glass-bottomed boat trip and saw different types of coral, fish and sea cucumber, etc. Besides, we did some experiments to investigate the sea water (e.g. oxygen content, plankton, water purity). The most intriguing and unforgettable experience was that we used the microscope to look for the planktons in a tiny drop of water. Those little planktons were cute and amazing. In this huge world, there are billions of these tiny microorganisms which we may not aware their existence in our daily life. After this field trip, we deeply reflected that we should treasure what we have and protect our environment.

Luk Pui Wa Janice, 5 Love
This was my second time to have Bio field trip this year. We went to Hoi Ha Wan. We were granted a chance to take a boat, with a transparent bottom, to observe corals and undersea organisms. As I had never seen real corals before, I had no idea how a coral looked like. Guided by the WWF staff, I could distinguish different species of corals by their characteristics.
Indeed, I enjoyed the second part of the tour the most, as we had to collect some samples of sea water so as to analyse the suitable living environment for organisms.
Date 2012-04-17

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