S1 Bible Character Drama Competition

CGC Career Update


¡mFlushed Away¡n
Computer Animated 2006 film Characters: Rhoddy St. James ¡V upper- crust pet mouse, a cultured pet mouse who resides in a posh flat in the London district of Kensington. Rita Malon - a scavenger sewer rat who scrapes a living captaining her boat the Jammy Dodger (which is quite literally an old tub), in order to support her family. The Toad - an effete English toad and crimelord, exiled from the world above via a lavatory. Blames ratdom at large for his fall from grace, to the point of hateful obsession. He is fanatically devoted to the Royal Family, and collects souvenirs. He initially appears to feel kinship with the equally-posh Roddy, Le Frog - a French mercenary frog, he is The Toad's cousin. He is quite flirtatious with Rita, evidently not sharing his cousin's prejudices towards rodents. Worksheet

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