Student Committee

Career Prefects

Career Prefect Team is a group of senior form students who are willing to serve the school in order to help schoolmates to make their life planning. Prefects have different kinds of training and workshops for the self understanding and career explorations. There are lots of opportunities such as Career Days and School assembly for our prefects to be a servant leader in organizing life planning activities in school.

  班別 名稱
1 5Lv 勞政龍Andy
2 5Lv 劉冠希Lucy
3 5Hp 梁君婷Tinny
4 5Hp 陳恩 Janet
5 5Ft 劉映廷Yandy
6 5Ft 張秋玲
7 5Ft 吳心裕
8 5Hn 蔡曉晴jasmine
9 5Hn 林欣靈Esther
10 5Hn 聶曉琳Eunice
11 4Hp 萬懿穎Wing
12 4Hn 唐映喬Lavina
13 4Ft 馮珮琪Koei
14 4Ft 陳詠潼
15 4Hn 吳嘉琳jessica
16 4Hp 劉可兒Holly
17 4Hp 胡悅欣Cherry
18 4Ft 繆巧慧Phoebe
19 3Lv 黃皚銚Renee
20 3Hn 黃皚翹Nicole